Integrative Simulations & Computational Fluids Lab

Research goals of our group are to advance modern physics-based computational capabilities as applied to turbulent flows and multi-physics systems, so that the most accurate, high fidelity representation of these systems could be obtained. The knowledge thus extracted is used to enhance our scientific understanding and improve the engineering processes in these systems. We use an integrative approach to research, involving development of high-order methods for challenging problems, fundamental analysis of turbulence, and applications in the fields of wind energy, aerospace, and bio-fluid mechanics.

Five recent publications

B. E. Merrill and Y. T. Peet (2019) "Moving Overlapping Grid Methodology of Spectral Accuracy for Incompressible Flow Solutions Around Rigid Bodies in Motion", Journal of Computational Physics, in presss

I. Hayat, T. Chatterjee, H. Liu, Y. T. Peet and L. P. Chamorro (2019) "Exploring Wind Farms with Alternating Two- and Three-Bladed Wind Turbines", Renewable Energy, vol.138, pp. 764-774

T. Chatterjee and Y. T. Peet (2018) "Exploring the Benefits of Vertically Staggered Wind Farms: Understanding the Power Generation Mechanisms of Turbines operating at Different Scales", Wind Energy, pp. 1-19,

T. Chatterjee and Y. T. Peet (2018) "Contribution of Large Scale Coherence to Wind Turbine Power: A Large Eddy Simulation Study in Periodic Wind Farms", Physical Review Fluids, vol. 3, No. 3, 034601

T. Chatterjee and Y. Peet (2018) "Regularization Modeling for Large-Eddy Simulation in Wall Bounded Turbulence: an Explicit Filtering-Based Approach", Int. J. Numerical Methods in Fluids, pp. 1-17, DOI: 10.1002/fld.4508 [.pdf]

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